Do you often feel judged for what you wear?  Uncomfortable in your clothes because you don’t feel like they truly reflect the person on the inside?

It doesn’t need to be this way.

Do you wish that you could look in your wardrobe every morning and know exactly what to wear with absolute resolve that it will nail who you want to be that day?

We can make this happen for you.

Do you hate going shopping and leave it up to your friend/mother/sister/sales assistant to tell you what you should be buying?

It’s time for you to grow up and take charge.

We know you know how to wear a suit and we know that you even know where to buy it, but what about the weekends?

Own it, get out of bed and get dressed.

Are you sick of having two separate wardrobes?  One for Monday to Friday and another for the weekend…and then what happens when you need to go out?  Whose wardrobe do you go to then?

Take control of your wardrobe. Learn what’s right for you. Love your style and know you’ve got this.

You too can be Your Own Boss in Your Wardrobe.  No more second guessing yourself, only complete confidence in who you are and what to wear.

“This course has encouraged me to look at colours and styles I haven’t worn for years. Applying some of these tips has made an enormous difference to the way I look and feel on a day to day basis. I loved every minute of working with a wonderful group of ladies. 

Thanks Nat and Tatum x”

Sherrilie Burton - Shanghai, China

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

Then the BOSS course may well be the answer you need to help you take that control.

Be Your Own Boss In Your Wardrobe is a ten-module online course with lifetime access.  It has been carefully designed to help you find your true personal style so you ‘just know’ what works for you and why.

Nat has worked in the fashion industry for more than twenty years spending the last six years as a highly sought after personal stylist. This course is based on everything she’s learnt over two decades of helping women look and feel their very best.  She and Tatum have worked together to produce a course that breaks style down in a way that you have never seen before. It will help you develop your own personal style strategies that you can easily evolve with you as you grow and change.

‘What even is an online course?’ you might be asking

We have created ten video modules that will take you step by step through each component of the course.  The videos are supported by a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your homework.

Yes, there is homework for you to do from each module, but don’t worry…it’s fun and aimed at building your knowledge and personal style file.

By the time you have worked through all the modules you will have completed a full profile for yourself, just like if you had Nat come and profile you face to face.  This profile will be complete summary of everything you need to know about what makes up YOUR perfect wardrobe.

You will be able to confidently cull your wardrobe, with Nat guiding you through to help release any guilt and doubt that you might have built up about what you do have sitting there in the wardrobe.

Having culled your wardrobe you will know exactly what gaps you do have and, armed with everything you need to know in regards to yourself and colour/style/shape/pattern/length, you will be able to shop confidently for yourself.

Gone will be the days when you buy things on a whim because you think you have nothing to wear and every piece in your wardrobe will be there because it has earned its place.

Chances are you will also make some amazing new friends amongst the ladies in the group, such an amazing bonus all on its own.

Having presented the content module by module we have learned that some people would prefer to watch all the modules all at once and others need more time to digest them so the course is now open for ongoing enrollment.

With this comes Lifetime access to all 10 modules & the extra guides + access to all new updates and additions.  These modules will teach you everything you need to know about yourself to confidently cull & rebuild your wardrobe…and that is only the beginning.

**NEW** You will be part of the group forever and have ready access to a like minded group of awesome women for advice on everything wardrobe related.  The friendships we have seen form have been amazing.

**NEW** You will also be able to participate in our monthly live Q&A sessions, available exclusively to our BOSS Babes.

**NEW** Last but not least you will be awarded super VIP status and always be the first to know about upcoming shopping days & live workshops.

“I’ve really really enjoyed this course, and getting to know you all, thank you Nat & Tatum, you’ve certainly made something wonderful here, that’s full of stylish life lessons. Xxxx”

Michelle Thomas - London, UK

Yes, we know…there seems to be a stylist on every street corner these days.

Seriously though, if it was that easy to create confidence in your wardrobe and what you wear then we wouldn’t have seen the need to develop this course.  As crazy as it might sound, graduates from The Boss Course regularly tell us that it has been life changing.

You guys really are so amazing.  It’s only module one and I feel this little excitement feeling in my tummy knowing how awesome the rest of this course is going to be.Kelly Pegg – Townsville, QLD

So what makes this course different?

Well, for starters it’s not some party plan colour party.

This is an investment in you, your self-confidence and your wardrobe.

In the Boss Course you will learn about the colours that suit you best…but we don’t stop there.  You might be an eyes colour type but you don’t LOVE the bold, theatrical colours that suit you best.  Instead your personality might draw you towards the softness of the romantic palette or the spicy exotic creative style or even the wild, explosion of rainbow colours that is a vibrant.

We will teach you how to incorporate the colours you love best with the ones that suit you best.  You will also learn what your go-to neutrals are and whether analogous or complementary colour is your thing.

The course also goes well beyond colour to teach you about the prints and patterns, shapes, lengths and styles that will work for you best.  We will also show you how to mix and match and correct things that aren’t quite right.

There is no bull shit here, this course tells it how it is and takes you deep inside who you are to provide you with all the knowledge you need to develop your own, PERSONAL wardrobe strategy.

“This course has been invaluable! I reckon I will literally save thousands of dollars over umpteen years as I am no longer impulse and “fill a need” shopping. Now I am “fill a gap” shopping and not spending a cent until it ticks all the boxes! Thanks Nat and Tatum”.Rachel Rigden – Wudinna, SA

The Boss will give you all the strategies you need for you personally, for your wardrobe…not your mother, best friend, sister, workmate or the sales assistant.

It is an investment that will pay off time and again because you won’t be buying clothes, shoes or accessories you don’t need or don’t suit you because, eventually, everything in your wardrobe will have earned its place there, you’ll love it all and everything will serve a purpose.

You won’t be wasting time or money trawling the shops for things you won’t actually serve you well.  When you are the Boss of Your Wardrobe this doesn’t happen because you know what works for you and what your gaps are.  No more ‘going shopping’ just to fill in time.  No more finding clothes in the back of your wardrobe with tags still on a year or more later.

Best of all, by the time you have completed all the Boss Modules your confidence will have skyrocketed.  That is priceless.


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